The Teacher and The Chef

Where you learn to cook the foods you love in your own kitchen

The TEACHER and The CHEF was started to provide both children and adults the opportunity to have fun while learning how to cook. It also provides the opportunity to assist those who are having a party or catered event, want to learn a technique or skill, or just want someone                                                 to help them prepare a meal.

The TEACHER and The CHEF staff still work at their full time jobs. They are very passionate to teach and help others with their culinary skills. Ongoing requests for catering, lessons, and                            group events is what inspired The TEACHER and The CHEF.

At the Teacher and The Chef, we teach those who want to learn to cook - from beginner to those who can handle a professional kitchen. We provide all types of cooking and culinary classes, kids cooking class, private lessons, men's night, ladies night - any thing you can think of.  We also provide full catering services - all through the  New Jersey and New York area!

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