The Teacher and The Chef

Where you learn to cook the foods you love in your own kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing should I wear?

You should wear clothing that is comfortable.  You want to be able to move around freely and be able to cook!  We will provide aprons, side towels, and gloves for you to use.

What is the minimum age for a child to participate in? 

We can (and have) designed sessions and classes for children as young as 2 years of age.  Please contact us for details.

Can I have an event for children of various ages?

Yes, we can design an event or party for children of various ages and skill sets.   Please contact us for details.

Do you accommodate for those with dietary restrictions?

We will accommodate any and all allergy or food restrictions.  We must know in advance so we can make proper substitutions, replacement of recipes, and gather the ingredients to accommodate those substitutions.  Please also indicate the severity of the food restriction - whether someone can be around that particular food or share equipment that comes in contact with that food.

Do we eat what we make in a class?

Absolutely!  You will have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the food that you prepared - while we clean up!  We will teach you how to plate your food like a restaurant!  We will provide all china and silverware you will need.

Will we be able to keep the recipes that we make in class?

We will provide all the recipes including sauces, spices mixes, etc. that we use in class.  We hope that you will be adding our recipes to your own cookbook.

What can I expect at an adult cooking class?

Our job is to provide an educational hands on experience.  These are not demo classes. You will not be watching a chef make food - we might show you how to do a technique or a knife cut, but you will then do it yourself.  We want you to be able to make food and create dishes you never thought you could do!  We can also provide wine and/or beer pairings with the menu you are creating.

What if I have never cooked before?

Our classes can be tailored to any level cook.  From those who have never boiled water to those who feel they missed their true calling as a professional chef. We can provide something for everyone.