The Teacher and The Chef

Where you learn to cook the foods you love in your own kitchen

Please note: The following is a brief sample of previous classes.  We are here to meet your needs.  Please contact us to create a specialized menu based on your interest, need, or skill set. 

Knife Skills

Assembling a personal collection of knives is one of the first steps in becoming a professional in the kitchen. 

This lesson will teach you the importance of Knife Knowledge; the care, use, storage, sharpening and honing techniques. 

We will prepare a Vegetable Stir Fry. 

Stocks, Soups, and Sauces

Most soups and sauces depend upon a flavorful, well-made

stock. Learn to create delicious stocks that will become the

foundation for all of your soups and sauces.

We will prepare Onion Soup.

Classic and Contemporary Sauces

Vinaigrette's, coulis, mayonnaise and more. Discover popular

sauces you’ll make at home over and over again.

We will prepare a Mayonnaise, Espagnole Sauce, and Alfredo Sauce. 

(We will have chicken to taste the Espagnole Sauce and pasta for the Alfredo Sauce) 

Breads and Pizza

Learn the techniques and the chemistry behind bread-making so

that you can create crusty, homemade breads and pizzas at home.

We will be preparing a Pizza Margherita. 

Grilling and Broiling

Learn to marinate, smoke, and create perfect grill marks and test

for doneness. Become the master of your indoor or outdoor grill.

We will be grilling Steak and Vegetables. 

Roasting and Baking

An effortless, healthful technique for delicious, beautifully

browned foods.

We will be preparing a Simple Roast Chicken, Grandma Style. 


Learn to make surprisingly simple but elegant sweet and

savory soufflés.

We will be preparing Chocolate Souffles.

Sautéing and Frying

Proper techniques ensure light, crisp coatings with minimal oil

absorption. Sautéed, stir-fried, pan-fried, or deep-fried, we’ll take

the fear out of frying with these quick and easy dishes.

We will be preparing a pan-fried Chicken Cutlet and maybe a special treat. 

Steaming, Poaching, and Boiling

Infuse flavor and moisture with a minimal loss of vitamins and

minerals. A light approach to cooking that is deceivingly delicious.

We will be preparing a Pasta Primavera – you will make the pasta!