The Teacher and The Chef

Where you learn to cook the foods you love in your own kitchen

Where you learn to cook through private lessons and cooking classes!

We will consult with you prior to your session to understand what your interests are. All classes are tailored to individual tastes, skill level, and kitchen equipment availability. In addition to the class, our team will set up prior to the session as well as clean up afterwards.

  • One on One cooking lesson
  • Small or large group class
  • Learn to Cook - even if you cannot boil water!
  • Private dinner party catering
  • High volume catering
  • Holiday consulting/catering
  • Cooking lessons for children of all ages, levels and abilities. We have a certified Special Education Instructor for children with learning disabilities on staff.
  • Class duration is dependent on the skills, techniques, and recipes being presented. 
  • Adult classes are approximately 2 ½ hours.
  • Child classes are approximately 1 hour.
  • Anywhere in the New Jersey and New York area